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​Energy Therapy

Mari Nagatani's Energy therapy is a combination of an energy treatment with Japanese style massage.

Mari will treat you according to your physical and energetic condition.

The treatment helps to improve your energy and address your issues whether physical, mental, spiritual or karmic, with an aim to restore balance in the body.

Mari uses the Resona Energy Treatment (RET) which was founded in Japan. RET is a comprehensive treatment technique

that includes the Japanese Shiatsu style massage without oil and the energy treatment.

It can include:

-Physical and mental relaxation.

-Activation of vital energy.

-Awakening and activation of latent abilities

(the third eye, chakras, sixth sense, psychic power, etc.).

-Alleviation and prevention of problems


Holistic Treatment

Price; $2800MXN per session. Time; 60-70min per session

My therapy is not a just normal massage.

It is a special combination of the energy treatment and Japanese style massage.

This treatment is multifaceted and it works for the body, the mind and the soul.


I am the only therapist who can provide this therapy in Mexico.

I use energy work during the massage and it is impossible to separate the massage part from the energy treatment.

I believe that all the physical problems come from some energy condition.


In my opinion, when we don’t release energetic problems they can lead to reoccurring physical problems.

So I will treat your body and energy at same time.

It is the big difference between regular massage and energy treatment.

*Credit card payment will be charged the comission

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