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RET official Therapist and Reiki Master

Therapist: Mari Nagatani

studied medical anthropology in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo.

She researched traditional medicine (including ayahuasca sessions) in Peru and worked with a variety of medicine men and shamans.

In 1997, during her field work in Peru, Mari encountered a Japanese therapist who treated patients with energy andJapanese style massage.

This therapist became her master.

Under his guidance, she learned the Resona Energy Treatment (RET) and Reiki. Mari conducted in-depth research on the history and methods of Reiki.

In 2005, she published her first book about Reiki .After that, she became one of the most famous Reiki masters in Japan. Mari has published more than ten books on healing and Reiki.

She has also taught students worldwide, including in Japan, Peru, Bolivia, the US, Djibouti and Indonesia.

Mari recently spent two years in Indonesia establishing the Jakarta Healing Center.

During this time, she worked as a medical therapist and helped many people recover from their physical and mental problems. 

In 2014, she came to Mexico. Mari provides RET therapy using the specific, powerful energy of Tulum.

About KAZE THERAPY SPACE in Tulum Town

Mari Nagatani is the owner of the Kaze Therapy Space.  Kaze means "WIND" in Japanese.  

Since wind is a significant energy in Tulum due its occurrence, it is symbolic of Tulum’s energy.  

One of the important structures at the Tulum archeological site is The Temple of the Wind God,  

showing that wind was of great importance to the ancient Mayan people that resided in Tulum.  

Mari recognizes the importance of KAZE (wind) in her therapy and she synchronizes it with a powerful crystal quartz to enhance her work.  

















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CD Reiki in Machu Pichu (CD of Reiki)

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