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Chakras are energy centers of the body based on the old Indian philosophy. It is believed that a human being has 7 chakras. In different cultures there are 9 chakras. It all depends on a group’s philosophy.

Anyway, the people who can see chakras say that chakras are like a whirlpools. They appear to have a round shape and a rotary motion. So if your chakras are activating well, you can feel the rotary motion within them. But, if they are not working well, the movement of the whirlpools slows down or stops.

It is important to keep the Chakra system in a good condition for an overall wellness and health of your body, mind and spirit.


The following are the 7 chakra system characteristics.


1st Chakra- also called the Root Chakra. Red color. The center of vital energy.

2nd Chakra- Orange color. The center of sexual energy.

3rd Chakra- Yellow color. The center of psychic power.

4th Chakra- Green color. The center of love

5th Chakra- Light blue colour. The center of the expression and communication.

6th Chakra- Blue colour. The third eye

7th Chakra- also called the crown Chakra. Purple color. The connection with the universe. The enlightenment.




Mari Nagatani guides you to balance your Chakras with some physical exercise, breathing and energy work.

After 1hour practice,you will feel the inner balance of your Chakras.

Private Lesson is available anytime. Please ask by email

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