Contact & Explanation about the treatment

Price: $140US for 1 hour treatment

The reason of the Price.

My therapy is not a just normal massage.

It is a special combination of the energy treatment and Japanese style massage.

This treatment is multifaceted and it works for the body, the mind and the soul.


I am the only therapist who can provide this therapy in Mexico.

I use energy work during the massage and it is impossible to separate the massage part from the energy treatment.

I believe that all the physical problems come from some energy condition.


In my opinion, when we don’t release energetic problems they can lead to reoccurring physical problems.

I am not sure if you have the same opinion or not but this is the theory of the energy treatment.

The cost for the therapy is $140USD per hour.

Please make an appointment before you visit me.

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Whatsapp: +529841442919