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Kundalini is the name for vital and sexual energies based on the old Indian philosophy. The Kundalini energy moves along the spine. It is believed that Kundalini sleeps at the bottom of the 1st Chakra and can be activated by special practices like Yoga or Meditation.

When one’s Kundalini wakes up completely and rises up over the 7th Chakra, that person is going to have a spiritual experience such as enlightenment of integration with the universe. In the old wisdom, it is believed that a person who undergoes the ultimate Kundalini ascension can leave his/her Karma or reincarnating back into the cycle of life behind.


Well, all of that is an ancient belief.

The most important thing is understanding how to use Kundalini in your own life. Everybody possesses Kundalini as it is vital and sexual energy within all of us.  Some people activate it consciously or unconsciously. If you control and activate your Kundalini you can be more healthy, powerful, sensitive, attractive and energetic (sexually also).


You don’t need to have a special spiritual experience to use Kundalini in your daily life.   You can activate it with some physical practices and breathing. Let’s move your Kundalini and get more power and energy

Kundalini Activating class

Mari Nagatani guides you to activate your Kundalini with some physical exercise, breathing and energy work.

After 1hour practice, you will feel the movement of Kundalini.

Private class is avilable anytime. Please send message for details.

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