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Distance Remote Therapy

You can receive Mari's treatment anytime and anywhere!

Mari gives you an energy treatment from distance.

You don’t need to come to the therapy space physically.

This way, you can receive a treatment whenever and from wherever you want.

What is the distance Therapy?

Is it possible?


This is because distance and time don’t exist in the energy world.

The principle of the energy treatment is a synchronization of your energy with the energy of the universe.

The universal energy raises your personal energy and normalizes it or enhances it.

The energies can do this without time and space.

Our physical body is made up of energy. Therefore, if/when the therapist treats you at the energetic level: your body, mind and spirits should react the same way as they would during a normal “face to face” treatment.

What should I do during the distance treatment?

It is recommended to stay in a place that you can be by yourself and relax.

You can lay down in your bed or sit down in a comfortable couch.

You can also sleep if you want during the treatment.

Please relax and enjoy it.

After the treatment the therapist will send you a short report by email to inform you about what happened during the treatment.

When should I have a distance treatment?

You can have it whenever you want.

The following are some reasons and examples for which you could received a distance treatment:

-Any kind of unpleasant conditions (When you feel bad and need energy)


-Lots of stress



-Before important meetings, exams or sport games/competittions

-Before/After surgery or medical treatment

-To release negative energies

-Monthly/annual maintenance

-To feel the chakras and the kundalini energy

-To get more inspiration

Is it possible to ask for a distance treatment for a family member or a friend?

Yes! Of course.

It is very popular to give the distance treatment for your family or friends as a gift.

Sometimes your family member has some health and mental problem which is difficult to take care of. 

Even it is the physical problem it comes from its energy problem.

So if the person who has problem has a treatment, his/her energy level is going to  go up and becomes easier to solve the problem.

Also you can give the distance treatment for someone who has a difficult situation like braking up with his/her partner or losing most important person to make them up.

The emotional feelings are also energies. If the person has the energy treatment, it will become easier to feel better and get over the situation.

Please send his/her name and picture to the therapist before the session time.


*It is not necessary to let the person know that he/she will have treatment.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that a healer can treat you from the distance.

So if you prefer to not let him/her know about it, there is no problem.

How to book the session?

Instructions to have a distance treatment with Mari


Make an appointment with Mari

1) Please send an email message to Mari with date and time when you would like to have the treatment.


2) Please send her your name and picture (or the recipient’s one) by email

3) Please pay the fee by Paypal before the treatment. 1 hour session is $2400MXN​. 30min trial session is $1500MXN.

Before the treatment

Please prepare yourself before the treatment starts.

Make sure you’ve gone to the bathroom before the treatment, turn off your phone and relax


After the treatment

The therapist will send you a short report about your treatment by email. Enjoy!

1hour session 2400MXN

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

30min session 1400MXN

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Success! Message received.

A therapist gives you an energy treatment from distance.

You don’t need to come to the therapy space physically.

This way, you can receive a treatment whenever and from wherever you want.

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