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What is the Energy Therapy?

All physical, mental or spiritual conditions stem from an energetic source, hence Energy Therapy is a fundamental therapy that can target any condition. 

Our body, mind, thoughts, emotions and feelings are made up of energy. 

A vibrant energetic state is very important. 

It is easier to take care of your body with medication and a medical treatments. 

Those treatments are temporary and do not solve the fundamental cause of the problem. 


Energy therapy raises your own energetic levels. 

When your own energy synchronizes with the high level healing energy, your energy level goes up and your “Spontaneous cure” will occur. 

Once the spontaneous cure force activates, your condition(s) will improve.


When your pain or discomfort are released during the energy treatment, you will feel lighter and positive and you will find a solution to your problem. 

The energy treatment will raise your energy level and brighten your life and inspire happiness.

What is the Japanese Style Massage?

I named the method I use Japanese Style Massage, but it is not a traditional Japanese Anma Massage.  The method I use is unique.  It was born in Japan as a combination of Japanese traditional massage and conventional physical therapies.  This method makes your body very supple, flexible and relaxed.

Should I unrobe or keep my clothes on?

You do not need to unrobe.  You can keep your clothes on. 

It is better if women take their brasiers off.

Do you use oil during treatments?

No, I do not use oil.

How much is a treatment?  How Long does it take?

1.  Holistic Treatment (Energy Therapy with Japanese style massage)                            

60-70 minutes: $2800MEX per session

2.  Kundalini or Chakra Class

60 minutes: $2400MXN private (1 person)            $2800MXN for 2 people ($1400MXN each)

3.  Distance Energy Therapy 

30 minutes: $1300MXN

60 minutes: $2400MXN

4.  Reiki Healing practitioner Course

5 hours $10,000MXN 

Is there a waiting space at Kaze Therapy Space?

Yes, we have a waiting room if you decide to wait for someone or come earlier. 

We provide free Wifi and energized water.

Do you provide mobile services?

In principle, we don’t provide mobile services to your home or hotel room. 

The treatments require a special space harmonized with good energy and vibration. 

Since the most important aspect of the therapy is pure vibrant energy for the client’s benefit,

I use special quartz crystals and Treatment Wave at the therapy space. 

Otherwise, if you would allow me to clean your space energetically before the personal session, I would be flexible with your request.

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