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Reiki is one of the numerous methods of healing.


Energy healing is a method of healing body, mind and spirit by energy without using drugs and instruments.

Energy healing is also called energy medicine or psychic healing. The definition of “psychic” is “of super ability” or “supernatural”.

Since the supernatural ability is a latent ability, psychic ability is something that everyone is endowed with on one level or another. Therefore, healing is neither mystical nor something for only special people.

“A mother massages her child’s belly to heal him…”

As unconscious as it may be, this act of the mother is nothing but hand healing and also the original

form of healing. Reiki is one way to actualize healing abilities (latent abilities) , so it can serve as “an entry point” to learn healing.

By starting Reiki, you will give yourself a chance to experience the healing beyond Reiki.

How to Learn REIKI?

Private REIKI course Anytime!

You can become REIKI Healer just 1 Day!

REIKI Practitioner Course included

-Introduction of Reiki

-Open your gate to receive energy

-Attunement of 4 symbols

-Introduction to being Reiki healer

-Reiki practice

Certification of Reiki Practitioner (Healer)

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